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Kool Air Tops work as an evaporative cooler, lowering temperatures as much as 25 degrees. They operate using a high velocity blower with directional vents, projecting a cool stream of air on both passengers from an overhead panel.

The golf cart battery powers the system with a quiet and efficient 12V motor and water pump with an easy to use power switch.

Service Program

  • We offer discounts on group rates to clubs with multiple customers. Services include inspection, maintenance, and filters. Mention our discounts to your friends for service.

  • Kool Air Tops Will Customize Any Top to Fit Any Golf Cart

    With top of the line technology, Kool Air Tops experts will professionally customize and install your new top to enjoy golf in a cooler state of mind in those 85+ days.

  • Kool Air Tops Dealers

    Our Dealers have played a major role in the success of Kool Air Tops. To help our Dealers be profitable in today's custom Golf Cart market we offer a very attractive and unique Kool Air Top that can be customized to match any Golf cart.

  • Kool Air Tops goal is to please our customers by exceeding their expectations and helping them to acquire Kool Air Tops in the most cost effective way.

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